Let's turn your device in a real weapon of precision!

The goal of the game is to shoot the target more accurately and quickly as your shooter skills allow you.
Keep your device horizzontally in front of you, plug in the headphones and tilted it to the left, right, back and forward in order to center the target.
Once you hear it enough in the center and quite close to you, be quick!
Just touch the screen with a finger and... good luck.

Remember that target must be centered both horizzontally and vertically by moving the device,
The horizontal shift is obtained by tilting to the right or left, the volume shows how far away the target in up or down from you on the vertical.

There are several targets with different sizes, smaller they are, much harder it's to get high scores.
The score system will let you understand how much sharp you have been, by given to you points from 1 up to 100.

Do not forget to reload your weapon by shaking! It has a feeder with 3 bullets, and you have to take 5 target in order to complete a game.

During the multiplayer mode, it doesn't matter how much precise your are! Just try to be quicker than your opponent.
The first who will reach 11 hits, win the match.

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