MDV was founded in 1990 to develop hardware and software solutions. Collaborates with leading companies in the industrial automation sector, for the creation of hardware and software for automatic machines.

In the same year he made his first braille terminal MB208 with 20 characters.

In 1993 he made a braille terminal MB408 with 40 characters and parallel communication interface.

In 1995 with the advent of the Windows 95 operating system makes the braille terminal MB408S with the same features as its predecessor but with a serial interface.

In 1998 he designed the first version of the braille terminal MB408L, which in addition to functioning as a Braille terminal has a number of independent features, making it independent of the computer.
In the following years more and more functionality are implemented. Then for this device, has expanded its internal memory and making available on request a PC-style keyboard for input.

At the beginning of 2000 produces a device derived from MB408L specifically designed for use by deaf-blind users with special communication features called BRAICOM.

The last terminal released is Lilli 408USb, that is a braille terminal with an usb connection, very small and light.

In 2006, develops and distributes software for Windows Mobile devices "Voicesuite" and immediately after the navigation software "VoiceGPS", that using the TOmTOM-SDK, allowing the blind users, to taking advantage the most popular navigation software.

In 2010, the Braille display and MB408L and LILLI are some of the first devices to be compatible with the OSX operating system, which allows access through Voiceover to this operating system.

In 2011 started the development of iPhone application with particular attention to accessibility.
Thanks to continuous development, MDV renews and maintains its products is constantly updated in terms of both hardware and software.